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Never Enough-Amanda Kaletsky
#192 in Rock SongVault Certified
Never Enough-Amanda Kaletsky
Length: 3:28
On Network Since Feb 24, 2008
Blue Comet Cafe
SongVault Certified Artist Blue Comet Cafe

Los Angeles
California, United States

Rock / Alternative

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Radio has vacated its traditional role as the gateway through which new talent finds it's audience, creating the need for another way for fans to find new music.

The Blue Comet Café is a virtual showcase club, featuring top new artists performing live and presented in streaming music video that can be viewed on demand or downloaded.

Get started NOW by going to our website and clicking on the artists' music video links to the right of the viewer! They're all terrific and all very different, so don't miss out ... play 'em all: Craig Bickhardt, Ben Arnold, Amanda Kaletsky & Matt Duke....and now, Billy Patrick! Check back again soon. We'll be adding new songs and new artists regularly.
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