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Ohio, United States

HipHop / Rap / East Coast Rap

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At age 15, Blackwell started writing and performing hip hop when he first heard the song, "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang. He developed his own style of taking real life issues with a mix of R&B and Hip Hop. Since his skills ranged from playing piano, guitar, drums, and mixing, he incorporated all aspects in his music and described his style as, "Music to wake your eardrum!". In 2007 he was signed to the indie label Alamo Records and released the CD, "Un4givable", available at and, and featured new upcoming artists such as vocalist Crystalann, Rap Artist Bobby Blaze, and production by's 1 hip hop producer Mister KA and C-Doc The Warhammer who produced Public Enemy and signed to Chuck D.'s label Slam Jamz Records. JUNE 10th, 2008, he will release his second installment titled, "HEARTBREAK", which will be feature new songs plus remixes with production from T-Pain, upcoming producer Jish, and Ansane (who recently produced tracks for Bad Boy Records Recording Artist Donnie J. and Day 26). Blackwell also has the title soundtrack song in the DVD movie, "Carmilla's Kiss", and participated in the CD release of, "Safety Kids Inc.", a nationwide release to schools all over america about kids awareness and safety. In 2007, he formed Nyce Music Group Inc. his production company which will feature new upcoming artists in 2008, so for more info stay tuned....
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