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Blacc ChuccZ
Blacc ChuccZ

apple valley
California, United States

HipHop / Rap

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“Blacc Chuccz” knew at an early age music was going to be his life. After picking up his pencil and pad to write his first rhyme at the age of 6, he never stopped. Even at the young age of 22 this young artist holds many titles to his name. He is a writer/producer/rapper/entrepreneur. “My style is “Gutta”; it’s the absolute truth, raw, realistic and gritty.” This veteran proclaims when asked about his musical style. Born Chance Burkett in Los Angeles County, his family relocated to Apple Valley in 1995 and has called that home ever since. Writing and rhyming was easy, but finding new beats was a struggle. When he ran out of people to make them for him he didn’t let that hold him down. He purchased his own drum kit at the age of 17 and started making his own. By the age of 20 he was producing all of his own music. “If you take my music then you take my life, what I am and what makes me, me” He credits his musical influences to likes of artists like Bob Marley, Devin the Dude, Biggie and T.I. This young talent holds his style to be all his own, something new and not already over done. Sighting well known producers such as Swiss Beats, David Banner, and Kanye West as great producers, this artist knows he has what it takes to make it. “I like to use live band instruments when I produce.” He States when asked about his own producing style. Already having produced an album on his own this artist is ready to take his music to another level, his level, “Gutta” level
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