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All Songs IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids
#23 in Children SongVault Showcase
IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids
Length: 3:38
On Network Since Nov 30, 2008
Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders
Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders

Laguna Beach
California, United States

Children / General Children's Music

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Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders make music with a mission: To help kids love the Earth so much that they can't help but want to protect it Our songs are fun, catchy, educational and interactive. I'm Birdsong, the songwriter and lead vocalist; and the Eco-Wonders are the amazing animals and eco-systems that inspire my songs. And, of course, my band includes some VERY talented musicians and my co-producer is te amazing James Coffey of Blue Vision Music.
How did it all begin? In 2005, I wrote my first children's song, "The Tide Pool Song," as a way to express my love for the tide pools and to educate kids about them. The song was an unexpected hit among local children and environmentalists. I saw first hand how powerful music is in educating kids and engaging them in Earth stewardship. I believe that educating future generations is our only hope in saving the planet.
Our music is used as a teaching tool in California State and County Parks and multiple environmental programs and classrooms. I perform in schools, at festivals, in Aquariums, at birthday parties . . . wherever the chldren are. Our fans are mostly children ages 3-9 and their parents and teachers. I imagine that I'll be an environmental songstress for the rest of my life.
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