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Billy Skinner
Billy Skinner

Arizona, United States

Rock / Singer/Songwriter

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To say that I started music late compared to most, is an understatement. I didn’t get serious about music until November of 1998, and I didn’t write my first song until 2001. Better late than never, right?? I was too busy running 70-80 miles a week as a competitive distance runner for 23 years. During that time, I always had a great love for music. People around me say I have a decent voice and suggested that I try to use my talents, so I naturally progressed from there. Some might say that they created a monster……….

My journey began in Clearwater, FL and I was raised in Germany, Kentucky and Tennessee, but mostly Georgia. Moving was part of being an army brat, as my dad was in the Army for 23 years. Since almost all of that time was in the South, my roots are definitely southern. People say that they hear it in my music, though sometimes I think that my influences are so varied, that I can’t even hear it. I just write and play it the way I feel it, and thank God that it happens.

I visited East Side Mansion Recording Studio in March 2005 and introduced myself to owner/engineer William Ferraro. When Will found out that I wanted to record fourteen of my own songs with full-band sound and no band in sight, he knew it was going to be a challenge. He then asked if I could play to a “click track”, to which I responded, “What’s a click track?” I think I have definitely tested his mettle. I’ve gone a little crazy myself, but it’s been more than worth the effort. Meeting Will and some other great people along the way, has really helped me grow in my music, and I’m eternally grateful.

People ask me, “Who do you sound like?” and I never have a clear answer. Some who have listened to my CD say it sounds like anything from southern to country rock, to folk music with a touch of the blues. To me, I’m just Billy and when I play I’m thinking of myself and the story I want to tell my audience; I don’t emulate anyone. I listen to anything: Sinatra, Hendrix, Megadeth, Little Feet, Skynard….anything. My favorite current band is AudioSlave. Personally, I don’t think I sound like any of these influences, but what other people hear is wide open. I just want to touch people on some level. Hopefully, ya’ll like what you hear.

To all of you, this CD is dedicated to tears, fears, a few cold beers, friends & lovers, & just great sex Ya’ll!

Billy Skinner
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