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Billy Cooper
Billy Cooper

Colorado, United States

Rock & Roll / Singer/Songwriter

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I was born and raised in Cortez, Colorado; which is where I got my start as a musician. I started playing music at the early age of 8, in admiration of my Mother. I remember she used to wake us kids up singing Patsy Cline songs; and she was later was in a band. That was enough inspiration for me to want to grow up and play music! And so I did!

At the young age of 15, I was a big hit with my musical talent in the local bars. As I grew older, I took my talent over the road and opened for big name talent such as Chris LeDoux, The Bellamy Brothers, Neil McCoy as well as Rock acts such as STYX,etc. Now, so many years later, I want to pursue my career and sing my own songs. So, with that said, I have cut my very first Album called "Ticonderoga". The EP album features the four songs: "You Still Love Me", “All For Me”, "Billy's Gone Bad" and "Courtroom Daddy". If you've ever had an ex boyfriend, ex wife, ex girlfriend, ex husband, ex whatever (and I'm sure you have) then you can relate to “You Still Love Me”! It's really amazing how much positive feedback I have received on just this song alone. Everyone wants to hear me do more, and I am! LOL, patience my friends...patience!

Now, sit back, listen and enjoy the music. I think you'll like it! And remember...

If you would like a copy of the "Ticonderoga" EP, please visit for further information! THE EP IS NOW AVAILABLE!!
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