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Bezsy Boy
Bezsy Boy

limpopo, South Africa

HipHop / Rap / Singer/Songwriter

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Johannes Matampane
Also known as Bezsy boy on stage a
21 years old who was born at
Ga molepo tsetsaneng but now I move to turfloop
Ga makanye Ntloanangwe
I started music in 2015 when I was in grade 6 at giyane village called Mavhuza at Langutelane primary school.
I've been inspired by my sister, who use to sing at home while she's busy cleaning that's where I use to love music then I started to follow all genre so that I can hear what kind of message they giving to the world, from then I found few different types of music that i thought my vocal can fit... music i followed"kwaito, gospel, Rnb, hip hop.I started to go through YouTube magazines and tv to know more information about these genres.apparently I got my self where I need to be Rnb soul take my feelings,that's where music beggings.
Music that I'm doing is very unique,different and touching at the sametime, you will feel stressless after listening to music is type of hip hop soul because its touching and healing people's souls while they gone through lotta challenges in life.
I'm not doing music for money only but to showcase my talent...what am good at.. to give the world message that i, we,them, us gone through different challenges.
I would like to share a stage with S.A. biggest artists like Makifizolo, Vusi nova, Kly, Amanda black, busiswe, the soil endless.
Up to so far I've dropped 2 Ep's (Extended play) and 20 singles.
Music is something that need seriousness in it,there is lots of problems that I came across in this industry which is money to persue my dreams,
Like you can't just go to shop and take that particular thing for free.
Support is something that lack from people. also marketing, publisher and to get managers etc... thsts what kept me down, but still I do believe in myself that I can make it.
All I can say Is that be yourself and focus on the bigger picture, be ready for tomorrow's sunset because today will never be the same like what it takes to achieve what you want and don't let yourself down, be strong, patience, have Faith and love.
To all musicians my advice is that god got us and we all got our own time to reach what we want,make a move, don't lose hope always tell yourself that I'm gonna make it no matter what, don't sit down with your talent.
Y'all can reach me on YouTube @.Bezsy boy
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