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Beyond the Fade
Beyond the Fade

China Grove
North Carolina, United States

Alternative / Grunge

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Beyond The Fade is a new rock group from Charlotte North Carolina who burst onto the scene in early 2007. With founding members Brandon Strickland and Tristan Lear’s love of music their main goal was to get their original music to the world and tell their story.

Beyond The Fade’s music consists of catchy choruses, searing guitar leads, tight rythms and emotionally fueled lyrics taken from life’s experiences. An intense and loud performance leaves fans loving these guys and wanting more.

In early 2008 Beyond The Fade added members Blake Crocker on guitar, Jon Woodward on bass and Mike Farmer on drums. Shortly after they began creating there first album and recorded a five song demo. They began playing shows locally and quickly became the buzz around town. They were featured on New Rock 106.5 the Ends, local 90 Minutes and 93.3 The planet.

They are finishing up there first full length album with Cordova Sound. Titled Black and Better days. The album is about life’s expierences, brutal honesty, relationships, and heartache. They have won 3 Battle of the bands in a row And has played all over North Carolina South Carolina and Tennessee.

Beyond The Fade is made up of five guys who love music and have the passion and drive to make it in the music buisness. They are down to earth people who love their fans and are always up to having a good time. They want nothing more than to have there music heard by the masses and to live their dreams. Beyond The Fade continues to win over new fans with their intense, loud and in your face attitude. They continue writing and playing shows. Come check out Beyond The Fade and be prepared to Fade Away….
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