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Ben Weatherby
Ben Weatherby

Saint John
new brunswick, Canada

Country Western / Classic Country

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over 45 years in country music, record producer (over a thousand sessions), produced 2 Gold Records, Have 14 CD's presently released with 2 more on the way, built first 3 recording studios in Toronto Canada in the 60's, opened first studio in Newfoundland, presently own largest studio in Saint John New Brunswick and work mainly with new artists a lot of which could not afford a session on their own so if they sound good I foot the bill.Check out website "" and then "artists profiles" to see the artists and hear a couple of songs from each CD. Performed live shows from Texas to Newfoundland, own Via Nova records and publishing co.,play several instruments as well as sing. Have a gold record presented to me in 1973 which I wrote, sang and produced. Had my own TV show in Newfoundland for 6 yrs. A few years back it got so hard to find good musicians that I learned to play a 36 key bass with my feet so with an automatic drummer and playing my own lead I became a ONE MAN BAND for about 15 yrs. which I still do at times. I am 100% true country. Always a class "A" act with proper dress. email adress ""
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