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barbie below
barbie below

North Carolina, United States

Contemporary Country / Alternative Country

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I am an emerging country singer and songwriter and I am currently performing in and around the Carolina's as well as parts of the Midwest which is where my roots are. I grew up in a very small country town in Central Wisconsin. Since then, I have relocated to the Charlotte area brought down originally on a track and field scholarship from UNCC which was an incredible experience. I have been working extremely hard this past year to finally finish up my debut album "Barbie Jo". I spent most of my recording process with the Kent Steel Music Factory which was an incredible experience and I really felt great about working in such a wonderful, talented, and fun environment. I absolutely LOVE performing and being on stage. I write and record all of my own music which is something I am very blessed, proud, and grateful for. Country is where my heart is but honestly I am a music FAN as well as a musician and I love most every genre of music. When writing songs, I try to keep in mind lyrics and instances that will will broadly influence as many listeners as possible. When I sing, I sing with every last bit of emotion that I can. That's what it's about for me. I'm graduating from UNCC in December and then seeing where this incredible journey takes me and I'm hoping I will be lucky enough to find that journey into a successful music career!
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