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New Jersey, United States

Rhythm & Blues

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ABOUT “B. SMITH” Brian is a born resident of Trenton New Jersey and has been able to expand his horizons to various people as well as various locations around the world. Brian recognized his love for music at a very young age, starting at the age of five, and has done everything he knows how to do in order to make his dream become a reality. Symbolized by the cliché; “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree”, he has taken many of the teachings and beliefs given to him by his mother, D. Smith, and has premised his life on faith, hard work, dedication, discipline, and structure. Brian’s first connection to the industry started when he and long-time friend Robby Pardlo, of the former group “City High”, began sharing musical creativity together which eventually created the production company, “The Cause Music”. Brian’s affiliation with The Cause Music began in 1999 and successfully lasted till 2006. During this time, Brian’s musical ability began to grow and develop as this affiliation led to a promotional tour in Germany including Keith Sweat, Public Announcement, Jay Bread, Tank, and Blu Cantrel. However, Brian’s talents began long before 1999. He was blessed to receive eleven years of musical training from Charles Whodack within the years of 1985 to 1996. Not much longer after this, he further pursued his desire by attending Settlement Music School where he studied piano and voice. After taking a short break, he picked up where he left off and studied piano, guitar, music composition and music theory at Mercer County College. Amazingly, Brian was not satisfied with only schooling. He challenged himself to see if his hands on applications could be put to use and eventually landed an opportunity to be mentored by Wyclef’s main engineer, Serge Tsai, as well as Bill “The Hitman” Kovack of Level 4 Recording Studios, Philadelphia Pa. Much of Brian’s dedication and hard work led him to another accomplishment as his production and engineering skills completed a six-song placement on the sound track for Mike and Carmen Movie Productions. While still being the quiet man behind the scenes, Brian’s hard work proved to be well worth it in 2006 when Tyler Perry selected, yet another song produced by B. Smith titled, “Whatever Happens”, for the Broadway production, “You Don’t Know Me” Brian currently works out of his own studio, which produces music for his own company under the name of B. Smith Music. His engineering ability allows him to produce tracks for various artists, which demonstrate not only his vocal abilities, but also his ability to play piano, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, and trombone. Since the establishment of his own studio, Brian has released online a mix-tape c.d. titled “Let’s go Half on a Baby”, (Brian & Melissa mix-tape Vol. 1). His vision is to become among the elite in the musical industry known for multi-abilities including engineering, production, artistry, and stage performance. Keeping his beliefs rooted in spiritual morals and exemplifying his love for family, he hopes his personal experiences and those abroad can create legendary songs for listeners of all genre of music. .. --> --> --> --
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